Kulea Villages takes the responsibility of funding distribution very seriously and we are proud of the fiscal responsibility we have maintained while upholding our mission to care for orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya and Tanzania. 



 Salaries (U.S.)


Office Expenses & Travel


How it works: 

Once a month funds are transferred to our partner banks in Kenya and Tanzania.

Each year the US Board and Executive Director work with our leaders in Kenya and Tanzania to build a global budget and to determine operational focus for the coming year. 

Before funds are distributed each month there is a clear breakdown of expected distribution in the recipient locations and tracking with the agreed budget plan. 

Controls are in place through financial policies for approvals outside the budget and for major project distributions.

Each month the US reconciles distribution based on actual use of funds in each African country. 

The US Executive Director lives in Tanzania and makes 1 - 2 trips to Kenya each year. She ensures that funds are properly distributed and works with country directors on monitoring operations and evaluating impact of each program.