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Maisha Matters
Life Matters

We believe children have a right to be raised in a family.

Kulea Villages has started a Maisha Matters centre to support at-risk babies, keeping them with family rather than being sent to an orphanage.


Our new project in Dar es Salaam is the 5th Maisha Matters centre and takes many families with an at-risk baby through a year-long journey to help them move themselves out of poverty.


It all starts

Families generally give up the baby for one reason only – the lack of milk. Many families try taking the baby home. However, the lack of a lactating mother coupled with lack of knowledge of nutrition and the very high price of baby formula leads to malnourishment and in some cases, death.

We intervene at the moment a family must make a crucial decision to either keep the baby or surrender it to an orphanage. We help families stay together.

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We believe breast-milk is always best. However, if not available, we can meet the critical nutritional need of a baby with life-saving formula milk. Severely malnourished babies usually improve in a matter of weeks with this support.

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We provide weekly training in hygiene, child development, HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention, first aid, nutrition and basic health care.


We provide families with emergency items which immediately increase the quality of their life. Examples are: mosquito nets, mattresses, clothes, blankets and cooking equipment.

Maisha Matters has saved
almost 1,483 babies

from serious malnutrition and has prevented hundreds of babies from entering an orphanage. Maisha Matters is a model that works.

Join us and help us grow the our center in Dar es Salaam to rescue more babies.

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