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Tahrea Smith


Tahrea is a part-time employee in Texas focusing most of her time on Sponsorship coordination and communication. Tahrea has a passion for the work God is doing in East Africa through Kulea Villages. She also creates online funding campaigns, manages our CRM, DonorRise, sets up monthly newsletters in MailChimp and assists the Executive Director with other administrative tasks -- it's never boring!

Leigh Mura


Leigh is another committed, part-time Kulea staff member who helps to keep the organization accountable and transparent by tracking funds raised, distributing funds to Africa, managing all aspects of payroll and confirming expenditures paid by our partner NGO. She provides our Board of Directors an excellent  monthly report (profit and loss), financial projections and a year-end financial report.


Paul Magaya


Paul became our Country Director in March 2020. He has a passion to lead the organization under our International NGO in Tanzania to assist more orphans to stay in families, access school and to learn how much God loves them. Paul brings to Kulea Villages a great understanding of our history working in Tanzania plus his experience in project management and leading in the education sector. Paul's personal goal is to honor and glorify the Lord in his personal and work life.

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Bonitho Benedicto


Bonitho was hired in 2021 as Kulea Villages prepared to open a Maisha Matters Center in Dar es Salaam. Bonitho brings years of experience as a social worker, particularly in field work and community outreach. He also has the distinction of having been in the position of one of our Kulea children - he was sponsored for school by World Vision. This experience helps him identify more closely with the children and families we support. 

Dalmas Nzai


Dalmas is the Pastor of Manna Bible Church in Likoni, Kenya and has served as our Country Director since Kulea Villages started work in Kenya in 2010. Dalmas is also a teacher and founder of Mombasa School of Theology where his passion of bringing theological education to pastors who cannot afford it is realized. Throughout his ministry, Dalmas has always had a great desire to help orphans and street children. One wonderful ministry at his church is Hilltop School which provides food and education to over 50 preschool children.


Duncan Ndeme


Duncan was hired in February 2022 to help Kulea Villages with all field work (social work) in the Likoni area. He visits the families of the children we support and counsels the supported children. He also assists with financial reporting to Kulea USA. Duncan is a member at Manna Bible Church and a former Kulea Villages sponsored child. He has a passion for serving God and for helping children and families. His desire is to glorify God in all that he does and his life shows that.

Flora Saasita

Flora Saasita


Flora Saasita was hired in 2021 as an Assistant Social Worker for the new Maisha Matters project in Dar. Flora holds a B.S. in Nursing from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University. During internship at Muhimbili National Hospital she witnessed the real situation of newborns who lost their mothers and saw the critical needs of those babies. She also saw that many children admitted were suffering from severe malnutrition. Flora believes every child deserves equal treatment and every child belongs in a family.


Yoel Malole


Yoeli joyfully serves God through his work as a Field Coordinator in Tanzania. He helps ensure that the children are healthy, in school and that their caregivers are also okay. He helps transport children to the doctor when needed, stays in touch with their schools and provides us with regular feedback of receipts, photos, stories, etc. Yoeli has a big vision for Kulea Villages to grow, scale and help many more children in Tanzania.

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Matridy Frank


Matridy is a passionate and committed bookkeeper, she was hired in 2022. She is responsible in organising, tracking and distributing funds at the Dar es Salaam center. She also manages all aspects regarding payroll, expenditures and other statutory taxes.

Her goal is to honor and love God in all areas and to help orphans and vulnerable children.


Jason Jefwa


Jason Jefwa has been helping Kulea Villages with bookkeeping since 2018. He is also on the finance team at Manna Bible Church in Likoni. Jason has a desire to glorify God in all that he does and his life shows that. Jason works closely with Pastor Dalmas, our Country Director in Kenya, to receive and distribute funds. He provides receipts to the USA, reconciles all expenditures and prepares reports for the USA Finance team. 

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