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Thank you for giving! Our 2024 goal for this program was met in February!


It has been a joy to help our partner, Manna Bible Church in Kenya, provide 2 meals daily for preschoolers in their Hilltop preschool for many years. This support was made possible through donations to our Feeding Programs fund. However, in early March 2024, the church was forced to close Hilltop School due to government regulations they could not meet, primarily the lack of a playground and the lack of separation between the school and church during school hours. The church will use the 2024 feeding program funds to provide basic food support for families of former Hilltop School children (those identified with food insecurity). Continuing the feeding program into 2025 is unlikely, but a decision on this will not be made until fall 2024.

In addition to the Kenya preschool, a small part of our Feeding Program funds go to Tanzania for families in crisis. These situations are usually discovered during our home visits as we check the family's food stores. If we find no rice, beans, oil or maize in the house we know there is a huge problem. We discuss what is happening, offer ideas but also immediately help with food. Continuing this program into 2025, is also unlikely, as the Country Director has said that the greatest need in terms of food is for infant formula (which is funded through our Maisha Matters fund - link below). Such needs discovered during home visits which are considered emergent, could be covered in the future by our Critical Needs fund. As with the Kenya program, a decision on whether to continue the Feeding program into 2025 will be made in the fall 2024.

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