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At Kulea Childcare Villages, Inc. we understand the importance of protecting your personal information.  We wouldn’t want anyone to use our personal information without our consent either, so we take protecting yours very seriously.  We maintain the following privacy policy:


1. We gather the following types of information:


  • Contact Information You Provide: This information may be submitted to us via the Contact form on our website, email, phone call, social media, donation forms, our newsletter list signup, fundraiser attendance or any other medium.  The types of information that we may collect includes your name, phone number, email addresses, website address, postal address, social media usernames or any other contact information that you provide to us.

  • Aggregated Tracking Information: We aggregate the behavior of visitors to our website and social media channels in order to better provide content that is valuable to our visitors.  We are able to see aggregated demographic information but are not able to see the identifying information of any individuals unless they publicly share our content in some way.

  • Consumption of Emails We Send: When we send email newsletters to those people that have opted in to receive them, we track who opened these emails as well as who clicked on any of the links placed within the newsletter.  We do this to measure what information our email newsletter recipients find valuable in hopes of providing the type of content that a recipient would like to see in the future.


2. We use all of this information to do the following:

  • Communicate with donors, potential donors, partners or those that may be interested in hearing about our non-profit work in East Africa.

  • Provide feedback to these friends of Kulea Villages.

  • Complete tasks that are crucial to the overall success of a project.

  • Track the aggregated use of our website in order to make improvements to the content and structure of our site.

  • Track the behavior of those following us on social media to provide content that is more interesting to our audience.

  • Track the consumption of the content in our email newsletter to direct the content that is included in future newsletters.


3. We do not share, sell or trade your contact information without your consent.  We may use your contact information to communicate with you or to send you content that you’ve requested, but we will not provide your information to anyone else without first obtaining permission directly from you in writing, on the phone or in person.


4. Any credit information you provide us will be used solely for transactions or donations that you’ve approved. We will never sell, share or provide any of your credit information to any third parties.  We will never use your credit information to make unapproved purchases.


5. We will at times use cookies to provide you with a more seamless experience when using our website. For instance, we may display specific information to a user that has never visited our site.


6. We maintain security procedures and standards that we believe are safe and secure.  We test these procedures regularly and modify them as new technologies become available.  We value the trust you put in us, and we strive to ensure you’ll be able to trust us far into the future.


If you have questions regarding the contents of this Privacy Policy, or questions in general, call us at (603) 974-1665 or notify us via our contact form.

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