It is hard to concentrate on school when you're hungry, so most schools in East Africa provide meals for children, whether free or for a fee. At Kulea Villages we recognize the importance of pre-primary education  and the role  


At each preschool, students are provided two nutritious meals a day. This allows children to focus and be eager to learn. Feeding 100 children a month costs less than what the average family spends on groceries  for  a  week. A  dollar  goes  far  in  our programs. 

it plays in the student's success at Primary and Secondary school. We come alongside our partner churches which are each providing a Preschool Program, including 2 meals daily. We provide support for the feeding programs as funding allows.


Hilltop Preschool


Hilltop Preschool is located at Manna Bible Church, south of Mombasa in an area called Likoni in Kenya. At Hilltop, about 150 preschoolers are fed breakfast and lunch everyday, five days per week, plus given excellent preschool education. In addition, a few other children in great need are also fed. For many children, Hilltop's care has greatly improved their health.

Kingdom Kids Preschool 


Kingdom Kids Preschool is located at Chalinze Baptist Church in Chalinze, Tanzania. Here, about 50 preschoolers receive breakfast and lunch everyday, five days a week plus preparation for primary school. A typical lunch may include rice or ugali, chicken or beans, plus a vegetable or fruit. Mm!


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